About Us

PureClean Carpet Cleaning is committed to quality cleaning using the most top-notch equipment and the healthiest natural cleaning solutions available in the industry. We are dedicated to giving our customers the highest level of customer service and the best cleaning quality available.

This means our customers will get a superior, truly deep cleaning that is done right every time. We can assure our customers that our quality of cleaning will have your carpets dry faster than the other wet processes out there, without the risk of mildew or mold in your home.

Here at pureclean , we have over  23 years experience in the carpet and fabric care  business.. With our knowledge and expertise we are qualified to clean and service   many   types of  carpets , upholstery , and a variety of the  finest   styles of area rugs ..We are committed to adding new services and upgrading our tools and equipment as needed to stay ahead of the industry.. .Our pureclean promise  is to give our customers the cleanest and fastest drying carpets and upholstery with only the safest grean certified products  by one of our experienced professional technicians