Upholstery Cleaning

Why should you get your upholstery professionally cleaned? There are three key reasons:

1. Furniture in the home gets a lot of attention, especially with kids and pets.

2. The Pure Clean cleaning system will revitalize your upholstery, making it look and feel like new again

3. Our safe, natural cleaning solution will lift and remove all your soil and stains embedded in the fabric using our deep hot extraction cleaning system.

Pure Clean’s advantage is that our non-toxic solution leaves no sticky residue behind so it prolongs the life of your upholstery and keeps the fabric cleaner, longer.

We safely clean all types fabrics, including synthetics, all-natural fibers and cottons.

We offer our specialty leather service with our certified leather specialist to safely clean of types of leather furniture. Our leather cleaning products are the best in the market and will bring back the beauty in your leather furniture. With regular professional cleaning, you can prevent undue wear and keep your leather furniture looking great for years to come!