Area Rugs

Area & Oriental rugs are a big investment and can bring out the added beauty in any home. They can become soiled and dirty from dust and normal traffic and wear.

Our Pure Clean deep clean process will bring our the rich colors and life back to any type of area rug.

Our gentle approach to cleaning area rugs means we don’t use harsh chemicals or any dirt-attracting residues, so your rugs will stay clean much longer and be dry completely dry within 2-3 hours.

A Pure Clean advantage is that, because of our quick drying process, it is completely safe for your hard floors underneath. Moisture will not seep into the backing of the rug, and your floors remain completely dry.

With years of experience specializing in all types of rugs, we can clean almost any rug, including Orientals, wools, Persians, synthetics and more.

An experienced, certified area rug specialist will determine the safest and most effective cleaning method for the best cleaning results of your rugs. We will analyze your area rugs and give you a no-obligation quote. Return your expensive area rugs to pristine condition, and give Pure Clean a call today!